Hi, I'm Martin Blakley CMP, CMT, CSH, DASH (AKA Hypnotist Blake Andrews) and I've been studying Magic and Stage Hypnotism and performing for over 30 years. I got the magic bug as a teenager (back in the days of Mark Wilson and Doug Henning specials on TV) and I was a member of the Prestigious Long Beach Mystics as a junior. I was a contemporary with such noted performers as Michael Weber, Mark Kalin, Mike Caveney and others. Today I hold membership in The International Brotherhood of Magicians. As a Stage Hypnotist I'm a member of the North American Association of Stage Hypnotists, Professional Organisation of Stage Hypnotists* and The Association of Professional Stage Hypnotists*.

In 2002 I attained the designation of CMP an accomplishment shared by only 40 magic professionals worldwide. As a Certified Magic Professional, I'm dedicated to elevating the arts of magic and hypnosis in the public arena in a dignified and respected manner. My goal is to bring the best solution to supply all my clients needs while maintaining the safety, respect and dignity of those helping make my shows a hit with the audience. Also, all shows are presented with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

In 2003 I trained with Top TV and Media British Stage Hypnotist Jonathan Royle, where I achieved the coveted title of Diplomate Advanced Stage Hypnosis. I also received specialized training under Top Canadian Stage Hypnotist Blair Robertson, Known as Canada's Fastest Stage Hypnotist and learned Blairs proprietary system of fast inductions. I now have the quailifications to bring a fast paced exciting and enjoyable demonstration of Hypnosis, where you are the star of the show, to your next event.

Having been a small business owner, former junior and high school age Sunday School Teacher, a Professional Naturally Bearded Mall Santa, festival and fair vendor and entertainer I know how to develop rapport and connect with any group that I come in contact with. I also know the importance of the customer being the first priority. What this means for you is no Prima Donna that causes a ruckus and interrupts your event with ridiculous demands and outrageous behaviour. It also means those attending your event will be treated with the utmost respect and propriety. When you have experience keeping corporate happy you can handle any type of situation. Bottom line, easy to work with and no fires to put out - this experience will be a feather in your cap not a thorn in your side.

Specific Qualifications
I am a Certified Stage Hypnotist which means I was trained by Professional Stage Hypnotists to be a Stage Hypnotist. What that means for you is that I know how to put on a show that is meant to be entertainment and not put the audience to sleep while getting the volunteers in trance. PRI inductions are great for therapy work but are death on the stage. I've been trained to get my volunteers ready to perform in 5 to 6 minutes versus as much as 35 minutes that I have seen on the circuit using therapy methods. When selecting your Stage Hypnotist make sure he is an entertainer who uses hypnosis as the vehicle to entertain and not a therapist trying to be an entertainer.

* All POSH and APSH members hold a diploma in Advanced Stage Hypnotism and have also been trained in the art of Mind Therapy. They all follow a strict code of conduct and perform at all times in a legal, ethical and fully insured manner. Our members must place the emotional, physical and psychological safety of their volunteers as their utmost concern & priority at all times.

Below is my latest certification just received this year.

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